Our suite of Proteus telephone management solutions transforms the way business communication is monitored, analysed and managed. Proteus products are continually enhanced, ensuring cutting-edge features and functionality.

On-premise Solutions

Proteus Office, Proteus Enterprise and Proteus Trader provide businesses with an on-premise solution with real-time business intelligence and analytic capabilities for voice communications.

    Medium to corporate enterprises

    Proteus Enterprise and Proteus Trader are telephony solutions for medium and corporate enterprises which utilise TDM/VoIP and Trader technology respectively. The technological design allows for implementation on an independent or VMware environment. Both solutions offer a web-based administration platform, giving users the flexibility to access information anytime, from anywhere, in line with their security policies.

    Small to medium enterprises

    Proteus Office focus on small to medium enterprises and is primarily based on implementation an independent environment. Proteus Office consist of a GUI based administration platform, with the option to add P-Office Clients, allowing users to access their information from any desktop within the organisation.

    On-premise solutions are based on a CAPEX finance model, with various Service Level options.


Cloud-based Solutions

The Proteus Enterprise platform offers businesses a cloud-based solution which delivers real-time and calculated business intelligence and analytic capabilities, integrated with the organisation’s voice solutions.

Our cloud-based platform is designed around TDM and VoIP networks with focus on SMEs and corporate enterprises. The solution delivers a range of technological connectivity options via LAN, GPRS and FTP/SFTP.

It effectively manages financial and time constraints, by supplying server hardware, operating system software, supporting applications and maintenance thereof. Our cloud solution varies from basic to high-end advanced services, offering customers the freedom to customise solutions to their needs.

The Proteus cloud solution is a web-based administration platform, providing organisation users with the flexibility to access their information anytime, from anywhere, in line with their security policies.

The solution is based on an OPEX subscription finance model, with various Hosted Service Level options.