Proteus – Mobile Management

Proteus Mobile Management System (MMS) provides enterprises with detailed analysis of the cost and usage patterns of their mobile handsets and 3G devices. Proteus MMS blends the reporting of mobile handsets and other 3G devices with the existing fixed-line reporting and analytics tools of the Proteus Enterprise TMS.

MMS provides complete visibility of roaming, voice, messaging and data costs, thereby allowing financial and telecoms managers to assess the cost of operating mobile handsets and 3G devices. Cost analysis can be broken down per user and per department.

Key Business Features

      • Unified fixed-line and mobile handset reporting for a complete telecoms reporting platform.
      • All existing Proteus reports and functions are supported, hence improving your investment in Proteus.
      • Several mobile specific reports are available, including highest usage reports, high cost reports, reporting against carrier allowances, roaming reports and carrier cost summary reports.
      • Costs can be allocated to users and departments.
      • Handsets can be associated with people and departments.
      • An import tool provides easy import of electronic invoices.
      • Real-time capability, by means of service provider grant to company.