Call Budgeting System for Proteus

Controlling the call cost expenditure of each telephony user within a company is an exasperating and time consuming undertaking.

The Call Budgeting System (CBS) for Proteus offers easy set-and-forget budget assignments, monitoring, e-mail notifications and barring functionalities. It allows system administrators to monitor and control their telephone accounts and expenditure by automatic barring and unbarring of devices on the Nashua Unify HiPath 3 000, Hicom 300, HiPath 4 000 PABX range and Avaya IP Office. E-mail notification functionality is available for all third party PABX’s.

Key Business Features

Automatic Budget Renewal

Automatic budget renewal can be activated on a per-extension or PIN code basis. By using this functionality the system administrator can automatically update the user’s limits and unbar the extension or PIN code, based on a particular time interval. In other words, the budget can be renewed every day, week, month or year.

The System Administrator can also unbar the user’s extension or PIN code and reset the user’s budget manually should it be required.

Notification E-mail

Proteus Call Budgeting system has a built-in SMTP client which allows the CBS module to send e-mail notifications warning the user and/or department head that a percentage or full budget limit has been reached and the extension or PIN code has been barred.

On PABX’s used exclusively for monitoring, an e-mail notification will be sent alerting the user that their budget limit has been reached.


Application Benefits

      • Proteus Call Budgeting System (CBS) can monitor up to 50 000 extensions or PIN codes spread over several PABX’s.
      • Each extension or PIN code can have its own set of parameters, including budget limits, notification e-mail addresses, warning percentages and more.
      • E-mail notification is available on Hicom 150, HiPath 1100 range and any other third party PABX.
      • CBS keeps a log file of all parameters configured as well as all operations that it carries (e.g. Barring and Unbarring, e-mail notifications etc.).