Proteus – Personal Call Management

Enterprise Add‐on Modules

Personal Call Management is a utility and set of reports that allow a company to manage personal call usage and tracking. This is crucial for monitoring productivity, offsetting tax against business calls and setting budget limits to employees with high volumes of personal calls.

Call classification enables department heads and network managers to set alarm monitors on personal calls, giving the company the ability to effectively control call costs, telephony abuse and network usage.

Key Business Features

      • Enables the capability for dialled digits to be classified as business or private calls.
      • Unique private/business report set capability.
      • Users are notified via e-mail to classify calls via link insert to the Proteus Personal Call Management web page.
      • Notifications can be set to pre-defined or user-defined intervals.
      • Unclassified user calls can be set to an automated status until the user changes the classification.
      • Pre-defined auto classifications:
          • auto classify all as private; notify users.
          • auto classify all as business; notify users.
          • leave all as unclassified.

Application Benefits

      • Unified standard and classification reporting.
      • Identify recurring private numbers.
      • Improve productivity by eliminating high private calls.
      • Improve telephony costs by eliminating private call usage.
      • Trace and eliminate fraudulent activity by analysing private calls classified as business calls.
      • Control network usage by eliminating high private call volumes and durations.