Proteus Enterprise

Proteus Enterprise is designed to offer organisations a complex mix of communications systems and solutions to improve business intelligence, regardless of size or industry of the company.

We offer detailed and highly scalable insight into voice systems, from single standalone sites to regional and multi-national, multi-site deployments. The system provides business managers with all the information needed to optimise the performance and cost effectiveness of their communication network and increase productivity by monitoring and allocating resources effectively.

With its powerful costing, call activity and reporting features, businesses frequently produce a return on investment (ROI) within 4 to 6 months.

Key Features

      • Powerful and secure dashboard-style web interface.
      • Real-time summary and detailed departmental, person, line, and cost centre reports.
      • Compare different carriers and choose the most cost effective provider.
      • Optimize least cost routing across the network.
      • Identify high cost calls in real-time and spot fraudulent activity.
      • Evaluate the cost benefits of deploying new telephony technology.
      • Allocate costs back to employees and cost centres.
      • Support for PIN numbers and account codes.
      • Over 60 pre-configured report views.
      • Customizable report templates.
      • Costing reports to an individual location, department, extension or individual.
      • Highly flexible report filters.
      • Multiple user reports are accessible via hyper-links.
      • Various export options – MS Excel, MS Word, RTF and PDF.
      • Schedule reports to periodic requirements on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


Alerting – Fraud Guard

      • User defined alerts to track specific calls, such as premium rate numbers, specific durations or cost and response times.
      • Proactive alerts warning of service disruption or failure.
      • Notification of unusual activity trends.


Business Benefits

        • Businesses typically reduce monthly telecoms spend by 10%-15%.
        • Understand business trends and staff allocation.
        • Ensure staff is meeting key performance indicators (KPIs).
    Employee Productivity
        • Highlight busy times when resources need reallocation.
        • Identify needless long duration calls.
        • Monitor calls to both fixed lines and mobiles.
    Customer Service
      • Set targets for key performance indicators, like time to answer and length of call.
      • Track incoming, outgoing and missed calls.
      • Produce reports that highlight the need to increase or decrease capacity.


Platform & Integration

      • Proven in the field to over 1 000 sites and 250 000 extensions per system.
      • Supports multi-currencies, for accurate costing allocation.
      • Sophisticated web browser, dashboard-style interface.
      • Supports multiple browsers, across the business network.
      • Business defined user access policies, allowing secure user access from any point.
      • Compatible with traditional PBXs and VoIP telephony systems.
      • Sophisticated LDAP and flat-file compliant import and export tools.
      • Scheduled archive of call data for offline storage.
      • SQL database.
      • IIS web server.
      • VMWare.


Business Fit

    Designed for medium and corporate businesses with single sites or multiple sites across different countries, with multiple currencies.


Interface & Connectivity

    Interfaces with traditional and IP switches, with true IP connectivity.



    Real-time or timed analysis of calls, consistent with switch data, in a dashboard-style interface.


Compliance & Security

    LDAP and Active Directory compliant, for ease of integration with other telephony systems and databases.