Teamviewer is a small software program that is used to provide remote access to computers. Here at Unicode Systems we use it to connect to customers’ computers in order to provide them with remote support.

This helps us to establish problems on the system without having to send a technician out to site, and some of these issues can be resolved remotely.

Downloading Teamviewer

To download Teamviewer, please click here.
Please note: in order for Teamviewer to download and work, the Proteus PC needs to have an internet connection.

    There are two different downloads available for TeamViewer. The first is the full setup file which will install TeamViewer onto the selected PC and enable TeamViewer to run as a service, thereby allowing us to provide remote support even if the PC is logged off. We will only be able to provide remote support to logged off PC’s if we are provided with the correct username a password to log on to the machine.

    The second download is a simple .exe program which will need to be opened manually by the customer each time remote support is provided and does not run as a service as with the full setup program.

Once you’ve downloaded the software, you can follow the installation instructions below.

Installing TeamViewer (full setup program)

        1. Double click on the TeamViewer_Host_Setup.exe which you have just downloaded
        2. Click Next
        3. Select the option Company/Commercial Use and click Next
        4. Click the checkbox to accept the terms of the license agreement
        5. You will now need to provide a password which we will use to access the PC remotely. Please make note of the password
        6. Click Finish
        7. The setup will now install TeamViewer and display an information dialog box with a 9 digit I.D. Please make note of the I.D.
        8. Click OK