What Proteus Telephone Management Software Means to Your Business

Telephone management software is the core of effective business communications management. Collecting data from telephony devices (traditional PBXs, Trading Systems and IPT platforms) to provide management reports that ensure equipment and networks are being used effectively and business services runs efficiently.

Communications systems are one of the most highly used business assets, from sales and support activities, to inter-branch and international operations. It therefore makes sense, that only by having a better understanding of how the business communications system is being utilized and often abused, these activities can be measured, improved and managed. Key benefits of having a Proteus telephone management system, include the following:

  • Communications cost savings
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased network efficiency


Understanding the traffic patterns and the routing of calls through a telephone network allows the business to maximize their investment, by eliminating congestion during peak times by distributing resources efficiently and simultaneously track and reduce excess and unnecessary capacity.


Our Customers gained substantial benefits and savings on their investment, by using the information supplied by Proteus reports to optimize their networks. Understanding


  • How many calls were made to prime numbers and what did they cost?
  • How much time and money is spent on outgoing calls, how does it affect incoming queue time for potential new business?
  • How many calls terminated and were launched in a network?
  • Where were they from?
  • Which routes did they take?
  • How many used overflow routes?
  • Which network elements/switches are actually being used?
  • Where is congestion and blocking occurring?
  • What are the traffic patterns on a daily basis?
  • Which hours/days of the week/year are busiest?
  • With the move towards newer technologies, networks can be designed using the customer’s actual data and not statistical guesses?
  • How are these questions being answered and how difficult was it to arrive at the answers?


Proteus provides an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution.

Proteus reports provide all the information required to make informed decisions based on the data from your communications system. Analyzing busy and quiet periods, to distribute resources efficiently; tracking various expenditure behaviours, to eliminate abuse, prime number and international calls and finding cost efficient service providers; highlighting long-duration and abandoned calls, to increase employee productivity and efficiency.